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Park Road Dental provides professional and personalised dental care

Your dental care is important to you, and you want a high level of professional and personalised care. All of the staff at Park Road Dental are dedicated to keeping up with best practices in dentistry and are keen to provide this in a friendly and caring environment.

Preventive Dentistry

When you visit Park Road Dental for your preventive care, you will receive excellent care and advice to help maintain your teeth and and general oral health...

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our services range from a simple bleach to freshen up your smile, to a complete makeover, using the best that modern technology has to offer...

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Dental Implants

It may not be fair, but people are often judged on their smile. Dental implants could be the solution that will bring out your wonderful smile once again...

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Orthodontics are the answer to correct crooked or misaligned teeth, a faulty bite, or close big gaps. We offer a few different types of orthodontics to suit your needs...

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When traditional braces aren’t an option

Invisalign has helped many people who once thought that the opportunity for a straighter smile had passed them by. Most adults don’t want to have metal braces for everyone to see; neither do teenagers. Invisalign clear aligners were created with the goal keeping your dental work discreet and showing off your smile, not your treatment.

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