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Preventive Dentistry

Your teeth are the foundation of a confident, brilliant smile

How often have you delayed going to the dentist because of a negative past experience? Or because you were too busy during the week? Or because you felt that since you didn’t have any problems, your teeth were fine?

People have plenty of excuses to not visit the dentist, but in reality preventive care is the easiest way to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and smile.

Smile with confidence through preventive dentistry

When you visit Park Road Dental for your preventive dentistry, you will receive excellent care and advice to help maintain your teeth and mouth. Our Oral Hygienists, experienced dentists, and professional staff will help with early decay detection, gum disease prevention and maintenance, dietary and oral hygiene advice, bad breath advice, and many other preventive measures. Catching and controlling these situations early is much better for long-term maintenance of your teeth and general oral health.

Teeth become damaged over time

Our strongest muscles are the muscles used for chewing, and over time, teeth are subject to many forces that can cause damage. Unfortunately our teeth are in their best shape when they first come through the gums. They experience continual degradation due to decay, wear, erosion, abrasion, and cracking. As we get older, we need to spend more time on dental maintenance if we want to avoid losing teeth.

Neglecting damaged teeth, whether they are chipped, cracked, decayed, or worn, has the potential to lead to more serious dental problems. Regular visits to the dentist are essential for maintaining good oral health!

Children’s Dental Care

Your teeth are at their best when they first erupt which is why starting a good oral hygiene regime when they are young is a great way for them to maintain a healthy mouth throughout their life.

We also frequently place fissure sealants on children’s permanent (adult) teeth which start coming through when they are about 6 years of age. For children with deep grooves or fissures on their teeth, the sealant provides a flat, smooth surface that is easier to keep clean and lowers the risk of decay. Little hands may also not have the necessary motor skills to keep everything clean so we also recommend that Mum & Dad help out until they can do the job properly themselves! At Park Road Dental, we’re committed to providing excellent preventive care and advice on maintaining a healthy mouth. Our team of experienced dentists and oral hygienists are experts in preventive dental treatment, including:

  • Early decay detection and dental cavity protection
  • Gum disease prevention and gum maintenance
  • Dietary and oral hygiene advice
  • Bad breath advice 

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A strong preventive dental care routine is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth, a confident smile and peace of mind that your teeth will last you long into the future. Park Road Dental has comprehensive expertise in preventive dentistry. To make an appointment, use our easy online booking system, or speak to our friendly team on (03) 9584 4949.

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