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Dental Implants

While a missing tooth doesn’t change who you are, you may feel that you’re being judged because of it, and hold back from sharing your smile with the world. 

If that’s you, a dental implant could be the solution to restoring your lost confidence. This advanced treatment provides a natural-feeling tooth replacement that also looks very natural.

Aside from cosmetic concerns, other long-term consequences can arise from tooth loss. These include overloading of force on the other teeth, and increased likelihood of decay in surrounding teeth due to plaque traps. Dental implants can help address these concerns. 

Professional Dental Implants In Bayside

Dental implants are an increasingly popular alternative to dentures as a treatment for missing teeth. Because they are fixed and permanent, they have an advantage over removable dentures in terms of requiring less upkeep and maintenance. 

Implants are generally considered to be more comfortable and offer better performance than dentures, which have a tendency to slip around in the mouth. While they usually cost more initially, the higher price of dental implants is often mitigated by the fact that they last longer than dentures and generally don’t require replacement.

Trust Us With Your Dental Implant Treatment

At Park Road Dental, we use state-of-the-art technology and integration procedures to deliver outstanding results for our implant patients. Thanks to our extensive experience and collaboration with fantastic Periodontists, our dental implants have a high success rate. 

Our experienced clinicians always take a best practice approach informed by industry-leading expertise. The result is dental implants that are precise and long-lasting. You’ll feel like you have your natural tooth back. 

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, please talk to your practitioner to discuss these risks or seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Contact Us

The friendly team at Park Road Dental is more than happy to answer your questions about dental implants. Bayside locals can rely on us for expert advice on this treatment, along with outstanding results. Call us now on (03) 9584 4949 to find out more. You can also make a booking by using our online booking form.

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